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In these uncertain times we identified a tremendous lack of encouragement in the pursuit of knowledge about and recognition of ROBOTS. We decided to undertake the task of presenting a weekday show relying on our own abilities to produce with support of previously procured relics that are carefully selected from our collection. We hope to keep people informed and entertained for many weeks to come.

Season 1

Watch from the shaky show start to more of a vlog format. With characters added one-by-one until we get the entire gang together and shoot them into space. 15 episodes!

Season 2

The gang finally communicates back home from their spaceship. But is the communications issues the only problems they'll face? 5 episodes!

Season 3

Does the gang make it safely to their destination in space. What else could go wrong? Is this show even about robots? 5 episodes!

Back To School Special
Back To School Special

Watch All Of Season 2

All 5 episodes, one after another



Chris created a sidekick for the show but somehow messed up the programing. Now the robot thinks he is a Dragon who loves to eat robots and lemons. Egads!

J Chris Campbell

J Chris Campbell

An admirer of all things space and robot related, Chris has been collecting and drawing for a very long time. Watch as he goes thru some of his collection and sometimes gets more!

J Chris Campbell

Mr. Sprinkles

An eccentric entrepreneur from the British Catacombs of Unicornia. He bought the show because "it's all about the money, DEAR."

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